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The staff at Ginger's House regularly collaborates with many nationally known educational consultants, interventionists, and other mental health professionals.  These people can assist you with any questions that you may have regarding placement and treatment.


Education Consultants

Gwynne Hales 847-441-8911
Leslie Goldberg 781-848-8800
Mason & Associates 802-425-7600
Rob Meltzer 303-650-2944
Linda Cain 720-299-8844
Myrna Harris 914-401-4442
Debbie Finn 914-401-4442
Jodi Liston 914-401-4442



Mike Appel 617-407-7286
Louise Stanger 419-507-1699
Pat Kelly 714-883-4934
Paul Gallant 203-521-1949
Jonathan Havens 617-487-8682





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