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All clinical services are at our downtown offices.

Social Learning Program

  • Phase I: Case Managers help women practice positive interpersonal skills
  • Phase II: Builds on Phase I, with continued support through intensive outpatient, individual and group therapy, case management, and expressive therapies
  • Phase III: Practicing learned values and build skills from individual and group therapy


Intensive Outpatient, Group, Individual and Family Therapy

  • Ginger’s House professionals are fully licensed, experienced providers and used evidenced based information in making decisions about client care
  • We offer medication management and psychiatric evaluations
  • Phase I and II have IOP, all phases have individual, group, and family therapy


Expressive Therapieswallpaper-heart

  • We treat the whole woman: mind, body, and spirit. We offer our clients a full spectrum of alternative, holistic therapies from which to heal
  • Our curriculum is designed to sooth, excite, and challenge our clients to the degree that each individual is comfortable
  • We provide experiences for women to develop interests and hobbies that integrate well into a healthy, sober lifestyle


Extended Care for Women In Recovery...

Come to Ginger’s House and be surprised... in you!