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Ginger's Story…


Cecily grew up in New London, N. H. on Lake Sunapee. In the summer, people would come to their vacations homes and stay for the summer and in the winter stay for weekends and vacations. Ginger grew up in Worcester Mass. and came with her family to their vacation home on Lake Sunapee where the two girls enjoyed a wide array of summer and winter fun. As they got older, their fun began to include drinking and partying with lake friends, into their college years and beyond.

In her thirties, Cecily realized she had an alcohol problem and started her recovery from alcoholism. Her group of friends, Ginger included, were very upset with her and thought she was crazy to think she was an alcoholic. After a few years, some of her close friends also went into recovery from drugs and alcohol addiction. Ginger and Cecily talked on the phone but Ginger was disappointed Cecily could not return home more often and didn’t understand it was hard for her to return to the lake and not drink.

About two years after Cecily got sober, Ginger and Cecily began to grow closer again and were having great conversations about many aspects of life. Ginger’s ideas about herself and her life were changing and she was questioning her values – she was beginning to develop some new perspectives about who she was and how she wanted to live her life. One of them was her relationship to alcohol. She was realizing the way she drank was not healthy and it was very different than the way social drinkers used alcohol.

Every winter for many years, Ginger and her husband went to Jackson Hole Wyoming and went Heli- skiing. This is an extreme skiing sport that involves being taken by helicopter to untracked snow fields up in the mountains – it is the only way to access these areas. On January 14, 1996 Ginger was skiing through one of these beautiful snowfields and when she was caught in an avalanche and was killed.

Ginger’s House is a way to honor an old friend and acknowledge her journey to understand her relationship with alcohol and what was driving that need.

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