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About Us


Welcome to Ginger's House, an outpatient treatment center that guides young women ages 18-30 towards creating extraordinary lives. At Ginger’s House, we celebrate each individual for the special gifts they hold. We pledge to provide comprehensive personalized care and guide women in discovering their individual beauty and what sustains long term sobriety for them. We provide women with a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment to learn and experience a wide range of enriching opportunities designed to restore belief in themselves and find the meaning and purpose they once had in their lives.

Supported by a team of professionals and a community of women in recovery, Ginger’s House offers women the opportunity to reintegrate back into family, careers, and community at their own pace. We support and treat the underlying co-occurring issues of mental health and trauma that often go hand-in-hand with addiction. It’s the excellence of our therapeutic team and the unique open treatment model we offer that brings custom tailored treatment and a broad selection of supportive programs.

"Ginger’s House is dedicated to all women past, present and future who strive to change the course of their lives away from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol and seek a more meaningful life."

~ Cecily Rich, Founder


Extended Care for Women In Recovery...

Come to Ginger’s House and be surprised... in you!